Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello world! :)

OK so this is for any of my readers who actually wondered and for myself just to explain why I have been MIA!

Short and simple. I love blogging BUT I love my family more! Blogging was new to me and I felt I needed to be on some kind of schedule with it. And I decided that I would rather be spending time with my boys then worrying about writing a blog post!

I have however been thinking a lot about it lately and decided that I do still want to blog sometimes with no pressure on myself how often.

I constantly have stuff I want to blog about its just getting the fingers moving on my keyboard. But times like right now while I have a sweet little nursling falling asleep on my lap and making it impossible to move, I figure is a perfect time to type away! :)

So stay tuned for whenever I get around to posting! I have lots to catch up on since I have been "away".

It is mulberry picking time again in our yard today and I am hoping we can get enough berries off of the branches we can reach to make some more pie! Yay! I just might post a few pictures. :)

Just thought I would add a current picture of my boys that I love! ♥