About Us!


I am a stay at home mom. Who has way too much going on in my brain 24/7. I am constantly doing and thinking. With so many ideas in my head I tend to start too many projects at once and it ends up taking me ALOT longer to finish them!  I sometimes wish there was more time in a day so I could get more done! Although I rarely get as much sleep as I need so maybe I should be careful with that wish! :P My boys are my everything and the reason for most everything I do. I love to create for them and with them and watch them grow. Spending time with my family is what I like best!

 Big L (My bunny)

Who used to be a little L!

He is a wonderful smart boy who loves to cook, garden, build structures (out of everything and anything!), all things crafty and anything involving outdoors (except bugs! being bit by a mosquito and stung by a bee at a young age seems to have ruined the whole boys love bugs thing)!

Little L (My Bird)

He is always hungry (that's why he is my little bird, opening up his sweet little mouth like a bird waiting for a worm) and fueled by straight up from the tap mama's milk! He is becoming quite the little chubby bird and getting bigger everyday. He loves to laugh, people watch and of course eat!


The wonderful working man that he is supporting his family. He has many sides behind his normal 9-5 job. Also at one point performing in a Freakshow doing various acts that would make most of you mama's squeamish so I will leave out the details. ;) He also tattoo's and pierces in his free time (even though that is pretty non existent these days) and is the artist behind all my tattoos and some of my piercings. He likes to go fishing and relax in his time off with his family as well to the above mentioned.

Floppy AKA Flopasaurus!

This wonderful little floppy fur ball likes to get mighty feisty and he likes to chase your feet as you walk around (or run cause the Flopasaurus is gonna get ya! lol) He also likes camping, climbing and stealing anything rubber you may leave around!

And the newest addition to our family, Ojo <3

Please please please people DO NOT declaw your kitties. Even if you think they will never get outside they probably will! And without claws cats cannot catch food or defend themselves well! We rescued Ojo from our backyard. She was almost dead and in the most horrible condition I have ever seen a cat. :( She had wounds all over her and she was skin and bones. Now she can never go outside again because she has no claws. :( NEVER declaw!She is so lucky she found a family to take care of her (us!), and we are so lucky to have found such a sweet kitty! <3

We aren't your average looking family (or maybe that's just me and the Hubbs! The boys look like normal children) but we love each other very much. I love my family and our uniqueness and wouldn't have it any other way!

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