Sunday, August 7, 2011

World breastfeeding week!

OK so it is the end of the week now but I will never stop loving breastfeeding. BreastMILK is one of the greatest things in world and breastFEEDING is too! Nothing like being able to nourish your baby and keep them full and happy all by your little self. :)

I have so many fond memories of both my boys nursing. I am so blessed that I have a mom who showed me the way and was so helpful. I love my mom so much, she is my best friend and always will be. If only everyone was that lucky...

This is the ONLY picture I have of me and Big L nursing out of 2 and 1/2 years! :( What can I say I was a single mom and it never occurred to me to take pictures of it. It was before I got camera crazy I guess!

And yes that IS me, I had blonde hair for around ten years.. We are all curled up in a rabbit skin blanket I made, which is now falling apart. :( And geez this angle makes my leg look huge! That's OK though it is the only one of me and my first little munchkin having his milkies.

I have a few of Little L nursing though. :)

In the hospital. Just a squishy newborn.

Our first day home from the hospital.

Sleeping baby.

Oh he was so little...

Who says little babies don't smile? I think they need to do some different research on mama milk only babies cause look at that smile! :)

Getting some spring sun in the grass.

Aww gaining the baby chubbs :)

I love his eyes when he is nursing. I think every mother must. :)

Milkies and a squishy teddy!

Perfect for sleepy babies.

Playing with mama.

 And boy did these chairs get dirty quick... We just got them a few months ago. Looks like we could use some washable slip covers now! I could be more strict about the furniture but I'd rather everyone be happy then having to "tip toe" around the furniture.

Looking at big brother.
I may not have nursed both of them at the same time but I can hold them both at the same time. ♥

And this picture is just a snapshot of what a squiggle wiggle worm he is now when nursing sometimes!


Little L is now 16 months and still mainly on milkies. We will continue this way (with more food added of course) till he decides he no longer needs his milkies. Thinking of that day makes me a little sad!

Sorry if it was an informative post you were looking for. I really made this post for myself as a kind of timeline memory of photos of my sweeties.


Anonymous said...

Breastfeeding nourishing not just your beautiful baby but a full circle of family bonding and love♥

Earth mama @ Inside My Heart said...

Very true! Breastfeeding is all about love and it brings so much more love!♥ :D