Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A blog about my blog?!

I can't believe someone is blogging about my blog already! When I found out I had a huge smile on my face. Because even though I do this for myself, I also do it in the hopes that I write things that like minded people are interested in reading. I mean that's what blogs are all about right? Right! We wouldn't be sharing info on the internet if we didn't want people to read it! :P

So I got a comment from a women whose blog I follow letting me know about this! Click the picture to give her blog a peek!.

Reaping What I Sow
I must say thank you to her for telling me and for following me back! It means a lot to a newbie like me. :) We share some common interests in life which is why I started following her in the first place!

But she told me I was mentioned on Blogs Worth Blogging About from who I am of course following now too as I see we also seem to have many things in common. Check out her blog and read her nice comment about mine HERE! Thanks for following me as well mama!

I really do love this new blog world I have entered into! I get to share what I want and I can read so much more from others!


Thought I would end this post with a picture of my sweet, chubby, smiling baby :)

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