Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring love and craftiness!

Not only has the spring melted the non existent snow ;) but my heart is melting too. It is melting with the love from my boys and the things we or I do every day that brings laughs, smiles, hugs. kisses and excitement.

I swear I won't be buying toys anymore. We really don't buy that much and I suppose on special occasions I do let them get something. Like zoo trips I let them bring back a "zoovenir". ;) Watching the reactions time and time again when they get something I made or we made together is THE BEST THING EVER! This kind of joy does not come off of a shelf in a store.

Yesterday the boys and I set out to make our very first wet felted chicks and eggs. There are lots of tutorials on the net so I guess I am not going to go into details tonight (I am one tired mama!). But if you have any questions on my specific process just ask! I would be happy to help! <3

 They were excited :)

All little L wanted to do was dunk his wool in the water. And Big L was squishing away his. :D

These are the finished eggs! The wooden egg and potato were used as the "mold" to create the egg shape. Just a cut across on one side of each of the finished felted eggs to pop those out!

First little chick.

Little L noticing the chick for the first time. :D
But what is this?!

Bawk bawk Bawk! :D

I took way more snapshots of him playing but I will save you all from overdosing you in my love of my little guys happiness!

 Finished eggs and chicks!

I let the boys take their new friends with them the next day when we went shopping. I figured we would leave them in the car and they would not get lost. On the drive there little L threw his in the car. I didn't think or worry about it and when we got back to the car I realized I got him out of the car without making sure it didn't fall out on the ground when I opened the door. We ended up searching the whole car in the parking lot and could not find it. I was pretty upset at first having just made it! But I told myself not to be sad and I hoped that it went somewhere to a child who probably needed it more then my little guy. Well after we got home my husband checked the car again without telling me and found it behind my older sons carseat! I am glad we found it, I guess it was meant to be ours (for now!). :)

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