Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Crappy Energy Alternative....

                                                              Picture by Roger Chouinard

In the midst of the Gulf Coast oil crisis there are many many people who if weren't thinking about it before are thinking about it now, other ways to fuel our country and the way we live. Unfortunately there are issues with just about all alternative energy sources but this was brought to my attention today, energy fueled by our body waste. Yep you heard me, running things from our poo. Now I know absoloutely nothing about this but if this could be accomplished on a big scale, I only see good things coming from it. Because not only are we hurting the earth with our energy sources, we are also polluting it greatly with our own filth.

 I mean the fuel out of our other ends isn't stopping anytime soon and seeing as how it already is waste, using it and having it turn out into any kind of waste again, whats the difference? Besides lowering our dependency on things like oil! I mean how many more times do we want to be doing this?

 Makes me cry :(.

Now I hadn't heard of this till now but I am sure it is not new news to some of you. And today I read that Michigan is actually working on this very idea right now. This article "Make Sewage, Not Disasters" talks a bit about it.

Heres another article "Poop-Powered Hydrogen Cars Show Promise" about the Japanese testing this. It also mentions some stuff that has been being used in California for years now.

And this doesn't just apply to human waste either. How about animal waste. There is a flower right now that is being researched for biofuel and it grows off of animal waste. It is called Duckweed.

I really hope people can get their "shit" together and make it happen! (sorry for the wordage here but I can't resist!) Or the world we see in futuristic movies is going to be ours very soon...

                               And just for a little humor on a not so humorous subject....

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