Sunday, June 13, 2010

A newly "fluffy" world!

For those of you who haven't heard this term before fluff is used as another word for cloth diapers (because they are so soft and fluffy!) And I am writing about my experience so far with cloth diapering and what works for me! I had actually started this post on 5/18/10, just hadn't finished it up till now! :s

First I want to talk about the diaper that comes to everyone's minds when cloth diapers are brought up. And that would be prefolds. You know the diaper you have to fold funny then pin, then put a cover over? Well so far these are my least favorite kind of diaper. Even though some people love them, it is too many steps for me. I have already jabbed myself once with a pin and that was when taking out the pins! Not putting them in...

Here are some prefolds on the line.

But I must say I was given quite a few of these from a friend and without them I would not be able to cloth diaper full time. So I am very happy to have them! I'm sure with practice I could get better but as if now they are not fun and I can't seem to get a good fit on baby.

They also make this thing now called a snappi and I am thinking about buying one to see how they work and if it makes it easier. I really should try to get one soon as I am using the prefolds!

Next are hybrid diapers. I have tried two now, a Flip and the one most people know as gDiapers. The g's I was using before I had cloth and for me they def worked well for my baby. But I was really wanting to go cloth all the way and not use disposable inserts. They do make cloth inserts as well but I didn't have any at the time I was using the g's so I can not say how well they work.

The flip to me is just a diaper cover. I use fitteds, prefolds and some cloth inserts in it. But they make disposable inserts as well.

Then there's AIO's (for any newbies that's All In Ones), I like them like I thought I would. They really are a quick and easy diaper to put on but they take FOREVER to dry. Seriously it takes me AT LEAST 2 times in the dryer on medium heat to dry them. I know line drying them would be best too but it rains here a lot and it's not always possible. And line drying in the house takes more time then I have!

Here's some bumGenius AIO's

Little L in a bumGenius AIO

Which leads me to pocket diapers! Which turned out to be just like I thought too! As of now these are by far my favorite! After you wash and dry them if you stuff them then, they are just like an AIO. Just stuff them ahead of time. I'd much rather take a few extra seconds to stuff a pocket then all the extra time it takes drying an AIO.

 And now that we are talking about pockets I will introduce my absoloute favorite diaper so far! The Bummis/Tots Bots Easy Fit Diaper! I would go into all I love about it except I wrote a review on it for another website which will hopefully be posted soon! So I will link to it from my blog when it does! While we are waiting I will just post some pics! :)

 Little L in his Easy Fit

Now my second favorite is fitted's. It does take a little extra step at diaper changing time because you have to put on a cover but that is pretty easy. Just like the pocket's there is one more step then the AIO's and I honestly would rather have the extra step not be right when I am changing my baby so pockets are first. For all you mama's who have changed a screaming babies diaper, you know what I mean! But fitted's are still great!

I have some bumGenius bamboo fitted's that I love but they don't seem to make them anymore! I'm over here pouting about that as I only have them in small and baby is going to be too big for them very soon... I am not sure why they were discontinued because I love them. They are so soft and absorbent! If your reading this bumGenius bring em back I would love you for it (and I would imagine many others out there that would too)!

Now for detergent! With cloth diapers you cant just use any old detergent so I did ALOT of looking around and getting opinions on what worked best for people. After a while I decided on Rockin' Green. It smells so yummy and definitely gets my diapers clean.

Notice the pile of lint in the background that I still have not bought a  container for... 

 Well that's a pretty simple post about my experience with cloth diapers so far but I'm sure there will be more posts in the future! Woohoo for cloth and for less garbage in our landfills!


Mon said...

good on you for going fluff (new term for me! lol).

using diapers was such a normal choice for me i hadn't realised it was such a big deal in the crunchy world until i got online. but i guess with the majority NOT using them, well it's great to promote that it's easier than people might think.

you're so lucky to have experimented with different brands. i just used a friend's stash - onsies i think, or somehting like that. goddess! how we forget....

Earth mama said...

:) It would have been a huge pretty much impossible task to cloth diaper with my first. I was a working single mom with no washer and dryer or car so I never even tried. But I just had to this time around for so many reasons!