Thursday, June 10, 2010

Herbal Coffee Review

Now this is something I am choosing to write about myself. I was not asked by the company or the place I bought it from but after tasting it I had to post about it! What would this be? Teeccino Mediterranean Herbal Coffee.

First I want to say I am not a big coffee drinker. In fact I never drink it. But not because I don't like it ( I actually love the taste of coffee!) but because for whatever reason it makes me feel awful and gives me shakes and even anxiety.

So for years now I have not drank any coffee. But just the other day I came across a yummy looking recipe that called for coffee or a coffee substitute. Coffee substitute? I had never heard of this before....

So I typed in coffee substitute into my search bar and started browsing. One of the links led me to Teeccino. I read some really good reviews on it and decided this would be the first one I tried. I ended up ordering it from as it was a good price there and I needed a few other things. I ordered the Mediterranean Herbal Coffee in Hazelnut. I always liked flavored coffees and thought it would be safer to buy a substitute like that as well.

So it just came in the mail today and I took a closer look at it. It has no caffeine (good!) And the ingredients? Carob, barley chicory, dates, almonds, natural hazelnut flavor (whatever that is! but this product claims to be 75% organic so it could be worse!) and figs. That's it!

I must admit I was really skeptical that this stuff was going to taste like coffee. And I had bought it for baking so I figured close enough would be good. But I had to taste this stuff anyway since it had such good reviews. I got out the coffee pot (under the counter and never used) because you make this just like coffee. Then I opened the bag and OMG did it smell good! At that moment I figured if it tastes remotely like what it smells like, it should be pretty good!

So I brewed up a small pot, meanwhile my son was saying mommy I want Coffee! Oh boy I really don't want him going around saying that! I would never give him real coffee! But the package says great for kids too and judging by the ingredient's I think it's pretty safe!

Now I like my coffee with cream and sugar so when it was done I mixed in some raw sugar and coconut milk. Took a sip cautiously... Wow not bad! Second thing out of my mouth? "I can't believe this is not coffee!" The company should totally steal the line from that butter! lol

I'm more then impressed and have a feeling a cup of this stuff will sneak its way in once in awhile on top of baking with it.

My son did try it and did drink some. Not sure it was quite for him but I never thought he was a coffee drinker anyway. :P

My next stop is to the Teeccino website to buy the sampler pack because I want to try some other flavors too! Sampler Pack

OOoooh! And I just noticed if you subscribe to their Healthy Tips Newsletter you get a FREE SAMPLE of Teeccino - in your choice of flavor!

Happy baking, or brewing! :)


Anonymous said...

Earth Mama,
Thanks for the great review! We appreciate wonderfully expressive people like yourself who love to write abut our products! We are also very glad you love Teeccino.

Best regards,

Emily Throckmorton
Communications Manager
Teeccino Herbal Coffee
America's Favorite Coffee Alternative
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Fax 805-966-0522
Toll Free 800-498-3434

Earth mama said...

Thank you :) and thanks for the great product!