Monday, July 4, 2011

Do you GET it?

*Waves out to the masses in cyberspace* So tonight I sit here tired and bored. I really should be going to sleep. But my sleep schedule is off because everyone in the house has been sick this week :(. The boys are asleep behind me on the bed and my "thinker" won't stop thinking (what's new?!)!

The longer I go being a "crunchy" mama the more alone I feel. Even though I know you mama's are out there I just never come across you.... And if I did how would that change anything? I am not super social usually, at least with strangers.

It saddens and frustrates me to go out in public most of the time. There is always so much disrespect to children from their own mothers and fathers. So much yelling, so many hurtful words. So many missed opportunities.  Where are my peaceful mamas? Not saying I have never raised my voice but I certainly do regret it! And maybe those mothers do too.

We took the boys out to see "Day Out with Thomas" the other week. They enjoyed it although we were more rushed then we would have liked. Everywhere I looked were strollers though. I know strollers aren't evil but I just want to see some baby wearing mama's! I mean I have chronic pain issues and I still try to wear Little L as much as I can (most certainly during outings). I understand everyone has their own set of circumstances too but I just want to see all those babies lovingly attached to their parents.

After we had visited the petting zoo and were cleaning up hands, there in front of me was another mama with her baby in a soft structured carrier! We both gave each other big smiles and the dads smiled too. She made a comment about her sleeping baby (of course he was comfy and happy!) then we went our separate ways. As we were walking away I said to my hubby "She GETS it!"

         I just have to interrupt this post to say how much I want chickens! We all do really! It is just something we have to work on.. Maybe next year!?

I am just having a hard time being away from everything I know I guess and never even SEEING anyone remotely like me in my parenting. It would be truly awesome to find some mama's like me. Non judgemental (I really try anyway!), crunchy, hippie types who wear their children, breastfeed, who are respectful and nurturing to their kids. Some real life mama support from moms who GET it really makes days easier.

I had found a spot I "fit in" on Facebook but that spot was another mamas personal page and she needed a break from FB so now I just feel lost. It is funny how you can feel a connection with someone or something and how it just brightens your days a little more. Even through the Internet.

I ended up creating a community page for anyone who might be interested, I know it will never be as full as the place I was a part of before but I was hoping it might help fill the void a bit. If any of you who read this are interested I JUST made it and could use some like minded mama's to get it going a little more :)

Little L on the train :)

Big L on the train :)

It really would be so much easier to clean with Clorox (spell?), eat pre-packaged prepared foods, do exactly what the doctors say and generally just not care nearly as much. But I do and I AM thankful for what I have learned and am learning still to try to give my children the best life I can and that they deserve.

Hugs to all the mama's who have strayed from the mainstream norm. And hugs for everyone else too because the world needs more hugs.. ♥

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