Friday, July 22, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday a little late?

Well it is still Thursday somewhere! :)

So I have been in my kitchen quite a bit today and there is something that is kinda sorta bothering me.... The compost pile on the counter. There really isn't much of an issue with it. In fact this year has been better then last year with fruit flies and there is definitely more food laying around (picture below).

But um yeah. Look at it. You don't see that in any nice kitchen. I am not really sure what else I would do with it. People have suggested in the past putting it in the fridge but I DO NOT have any extra room in my fridge. Ever. So not happening. In order to put it under the counter I would need a bucket, which I don't have yet but may be what I will do once I get one. Although having to clean out a big bucket all the time doesn't thrill me either. Those pretty counter compost crocks don't hold very much and are usually pretty expensive... Decisions, decisions...

What do you do with your compost before you take it outside?

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