Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Life is all about growing. Growing up, growing old, growing is a wonderful thing. And growing a garden is awesome too! I know last year I was talking about getting a garden going but it took a little longer then expected. This year I am happy to announce I DID get my garden started.

This is my first year having a good size garden outdoors and it has been so fun and exciting. It is certainly a learning process though, there have been amazing surprises and failures. And I hope to have an even better and BIGGER garden next year.

Looking at pictures from when I started and where my garden is now makes me so happy. It has come so far and even for the plants that didn't make it or the things I didn't do right I am so happy to have had the chance to do it.

My goal is to grow enough to feed my family and then some. To really get into canning and fermenting and help support us from the dirt in our yard.

 The beginning of our food! :D

Very beginning raised beds!

 Bed 1
Acorn squash, pickling cucumbers, zucchini, lavender, thyme, broccoli, cabbage and marigolds.

Bed 1

Bed 1
Growing more.

Bed 1 
Latest pic but a week or two old.

Bed 2 
Started out with rosemary, radishes and carrots.
 Bed 2 
Made room for some lettuce.

Bed 2
Harvesting our radishes which honestly didn't do that well... but we had fun anyway! :)

Bed 2
Put in some sage, basil and watermelon.

Bed 2
Growing! Tomatoes added and some little critter killed almost all of the basil.. :(

Bed 3
Started out with a lonely but amazing lemon balm plant I found growing wild on the side of our road!

Bed 3
Lots of potted tomatoes and peppers. I don't think any of our peppers are going to make it. 
But look at that lemon balm!

Bed 2 & 3
Lots of tomatoes now! And a strange plant/weed I was hoping is mugwort but I am not sure yet.

Special herb garden

Special herb garden present day..
So we weren't able to work anymore on the herb garden yet. And unless we find some free decent quality fill dirt it is going to have to be finished next year. Can you see it? It is to the right of the logs and COMPLETELY over grown..

Some garden yummies :)

And more :)

Lots of lemon balm this year, yay!

I am hopeful next year I will do even better! I plan on adding a few more beds and finishing the herbal garden as well. I am happy about that for another reason too. Yards except for kids to play in are a waste of space and resources. So we will be able to cut down more on mowing. Good for the earth and my husbands back!

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